About This Site

I’ve been a mom for 23 years.   I have seven children, five of which have gone through, or are going through the teen years.

With my awesome kids, I  frequently go to the public aquatic center in the summertime.

This summer, the radio at the pool frequently plays the song  We are Young by the group fun. .  Yes, I wrote that right it’s lower case f  lower case u  lower case n with a period after it.   This is a song about a group of  guys getting high at a bar, getting girls high, and taking them home to take advantage of them while the girls are passed out.   It says nothing about consequences like what happens to people who drive home under the influences of drugs, or getting pregnant, or STD’s.  It just says “We’re young, so we can get away with anything.”

When I listened to the lyrics of this very popular song for the first time, I became very sick to my stomach.   My husband who heard it at the pool, independently from my first time listening, had the same reaction

To think that anyone would think it is okay for a guy to get a girl drunk or high, (they don’t say what substance/s are being use),  and take her home to take away her chastity, is unbelievebly horrible!  I certainly do not know one teenage girl, personally, that would want such an act perform against her, nor do I know any parent who would want this to happen to his/her daughter, but parents are listening to this song with their kids without protest in cars, public places and at home.  Worse yet, their daughters are singing a long with this song.  The sad thing is there is enough public support to put it high up on the charts.   This song is catchy.  I have only heard it when I have been at the pool and I can hum the melody to you.  Those lyrics are swimming (no pun intended) in our heads!

To put out such a concept and promote it to young people is absolutely evil and definitely shows what the executives of the record companies only care about when they promote such music.  What they care about is money making, not America, not teenagers, and not families, and the local radio stations who had this song pushed through them are just as bad.  They seek to “shock and awe” and create interest with immorality.   The themes they push are intended to make teens feel like adults doing adult behaviors, and to make the kids feel invincible and independent, but the behaviors they promote have the opposite affect.

The number one song for weeks now,  Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye, has an etherial 60’s sound,very reminiscent of the 60’s LSD sound that has a connotation to us over 40 years old of drug abuse.  This is because in the 60’s those that wrote this sound were high, and those that enjoyed it were high.

The rest of us tolerated it, but missed the “She loves you ya, ya, ya” sound.

LSD drugged musicians who thought the LSD was making them more creative, came up with this droning, whining, haunting sound, and could no longer come up with music with actual quality musicality.  The drugs that produced this sound led to the break ups of the most popular groups, and we who were children back then remember that fact.

There is nothing in the psychedelic sound that is fun,  but it attracts people my age just because it’s nostalgic,  and makes us feel young again.  I believe it attracts today’s teenagers because it’s interesting and different.  There never has been anything uplifting or inspiriting about this sound, however.  It’s not even easy to dance to.   For us born before or during the 60’s, it’s birdcall for drug abusers.  When we hear it we think of high singers.

Anyway, despite the etherial sound, Somebody That I Used to Know has pretty clean lyrics.  It’s about a guy and a girl who were once had a relationship (and not a very strong one),  had a falling out. and now they are angry with each other.  The phrases “cut me off” and “screw me over” (screw was a cuss word when I was a teen in the 80’s) blast over the radio a message of hurt and anger, and the message of the song is, “that you have treated me like trash, you no longer exist.  Eh, you’re just somebody that I used to know.”

While the lyrics are not blatently immoral, the song’s popularity, and it’s overriding message of hurt, anger, and subsequent revenge, displays an alarming trend of today’s teen music  which says it’s preferable to waller in anger rather than to rise above adversity and exercise forgiveness and respect.

The pscyhedelic sound is the perfect background music to a depressing message.  There’s nothing feel good about it, but it is interesting and different to young ears.  The sound is nothing new, though, just recycled.

As frustrating as it is, I can’t control the music my kids listen to, since these songs are frequently played in public places like Kohl’s, grocery stores,  public pools, and climbing wall establishments, and even some school and church dances.   After a music control-fest that I attempted this spring,  realized I can’t do anything about the same songs being played over and over again at the pool, so shifted from the role of music controller to music educator in our household.

My new role is to help my kids to seek music that is uplifting and promotes the truest of adult behaviors that  reflect the qualities of courage,  self-control,  and respect for others.   My goal is to help my kids seek out music that teaches  qualities that have countless paybacks when it comes to making many long lasting friendships.

What teen doesn’t want a lot of lifelong lasting friendships? Shouldn’t that be life’s endeavor for every human being on the planet?

To follow the behaviors promoted and to follow the agendas of the record labels and artists, that teach risky and relationship destroying behavior, is to  seek  and support the destruction of friendships that could have been strong and lasting.

Parents of faith, and I’m talking any God-fearing faith, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, etc. want their kids to listen to music that will bring them closer to God.  When thinking about what God wants, I realized that He wants us to love him by loving his children.  He wants us to love and respect our bodies, and our own spirits,  rise above adversity, and he wants us to be respectful to other’s bodies and feelings.  He wants us to be be a positive influence in each other’s lives, even when someone has betrayed us.

For my teens, I used approve music that just had clean lyrics, meaning no extramarital sex, no drugs, alchohol, or violence, but when I heard Somebody that I Used to Know for the first time,  I was left with such an empty feeling, despite it’s lack of reference to high risk behaviors, I knew I needed to seek for music that was not only clean but also inspiring and left a good feeling, not empty feelings.  Once I made the realization that I had to seek a higher plane, many great artists, and their great songs just really fell into my lap.

Remembering what it was like to be a teen, it’s hard enough not to feel empty without getting help from an angry song.

To help my kids and other kids that I “hob knob” with I started on and quest to find all of the uplifting music available from the 60’s on up to the 2010’s.  It is my desire to list those songs on here since it is hard to find any site on the Internet that has such a list.  I have searched long and wide for such a list.

I really decided that I want blog each song  with it’s own page so I can give my opinions , interesting discoveries, and special notes about the song, the group, etc. and readers can reply their insights.

I’m hoping that artists will some day come to know that we, as parents, and teens still want uplifting music. Despite what they have been led to believe.  Sure these artists are making tons of money off of the immoral pieces, but look at One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful!  The public also supports clean music!  The public supports catchy tunes whether nasty or clean.

Obviously blogging each song is going to take some time, so I am providing a list to work off of where all of the titles will be listed on that page. I will also make a list page that lists all of the songs I have so far.

Criterior I have used in my selections:  No references to drugs, alcohol, sexual acts of any level or kind (but there is references to romance) , no violence, and no trashy, or offensive accompanying YouTube videos (tattoos, spaghetti straps, and club scenes may be in some of the videos, but no deep cleavages, drinking, or other things on the list of banned behaviors.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.  I hope this will prove to be a useful tool.